Sonney Mizuho: Dedicate "Iroha" to the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ! 聖母マリアとイエス・キリストに「いろは」を捧げる!

(Exodus 5: 21)

Cowards when they feel threatened oppress people, making fear. But God tells us: I have certainly seen the distress of my people!
The Lord examines them and judge them! 





The Path of God is issued from Source Hinomoto circulating through Hifumi as Iroha

Law Ship of Hinomoto

Through Earth's history we have seen Father Mother and Child God incarnate on Earth continuously.

Father God has incarnated in human form during the Atlantean period on Earth as Krishna, King David and King Solomon. Mother God has incarnated in human form then as Radha and Bathsheba. Child God as an emanation of Father has incarnated as Jesus and Buddha Maitreya. Child God as an emanation of Mother has incarnated as Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene as the same soul in two bodies as well as ShivaShakti.  During the Lemurian period Father God in Heaven and Mother God incarnated on Earth as RAHMUH told the prophesy of God's Will, the God mechanism. RAHMUH is a man who is the parent guardian protecting all life on Earth . The spirit of God descends to an unmarried woman, and she speaks the word of God and writes letters. She is a shrine maiden in this role, a Miko, in Japanese. Father God has incarnated on Earth as a Prophet through Jesus/Emmanuel as well as  Śākyamuni Buddha He played the role of Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha as well as in ancient times, Maitreya Buddha who is returned to Earth now.

The global environment of Earth is deteriorating every second. Earthlings are gifted "Iroha" in order to wake up to the love and will of God! Iroha Space Law is about rebuilding the Earth world, the "Saniwa" world, as God's will.  "Saniwa" is a prophet and "Miroku" Maitreya.

The existence that carries the will of the God of Heaven is the Miroku "Maitreya " .

Sonney Mizuho, my Teacher, has explained how this Teaching works in 

"Iroha" 「いろは」Lecture 125:

In Hinomoto the plan of God is called "God mechanism (KAMISHIKUMI)".

KAMI stands for "god", and SHIKUMI stands for "mechanism".

God told the message in several ways to convey the will of heaven to man.

That message is the "god mechanism".

Also included in the West is what is called prophecy.

There are two kinds of prophecies of Hinomoto.

It's a way to communicate in words and a way to tell it in writing.

The spirit of God descends to an unmarried woman, 

and she speaks the word of God and writes letters.

God descends to a woman capable of receiving the Holy Spirit.

Such a woman is called a shrine maiden (MIKO).

But she is by no means God.

She has a role to tell the word of God.

Of course there are also men who tell the word of God.

In the case of men, like the buddha and the Christ birth from heaven.

This existence was called RAHMUH in Mu Lemuria civilization.

It is a parent who guards earth life.

Would that be okay?

Please join me in learning more about Iroha Space Law in the Iroha Lecture series and joining us for meditation during the calendar year. Please invite all of like mind to grow Kumitama and heal Earth.

The Union of Science and Spirituality


Welcome to our Connected Global Human Network called "Kumitama" in Japanese. 

Iroha is the union of science and sprituality as Cosmic Sound® and Word emitted from Hinomoto are the mechanism of God to bring Space Law to Earth. Sound and word as light and matter form within the scientific laws in a way which cannot be elucidated. Iroha transcends science and religion.

This is a Mass Meditation Initiative with the sole intention of giving thanks and love to Mother Earth in support of Her as we will need this for Humanity’s sake because a magnetic pole shift for Earth is already underway. This is a cataclysmic event for Earth. It is a normal process Earth undergoes in cycles. As we join our non-local Collective Consciousness we will get through it together. We are seeing this internal stress as environmental, political and societal upheaval. We are witnessing the immense snow coverage, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as part of the magnetic pole shift. 

Cosmic Sound® and Word emitting from Hinomoto at the beginning of our Universe is IROHA「いろは」

That coherent pulse is what emits from the Moon through Mother Earth and reflected by our Sun returning to the One Source God. Tune in here for a calendar of events. “IROHA” is a Teaching I learned from Sonney Mizuho and I am simply hosting the information here as a volunteer service to the Whole.


Elizabeth Trutwin

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CELEBRATE! 春分 Vernal equinox 2019


The full moon of the vernal equinox day.

A symbol of the beginning of an unprecedented era.

The full moon is "Miroku" which is completely perfect.

"Miroku" is also the sun god "Mithra".

Mother Moon has reached a new age of "Iroha".

The world is finally changing.

Earth humans need to respond to new cycles.

It is because "Iroha" is a Trinity.

Is that okay?

full moon Equalization of Sun Light

The full moon is "Miroku" which is completely perfect.

"Miroku" is also the sun god "Mithra".

Mother Moon has reached a new age of "Iroha".

kumitama meditation cosmic sound

Kumitama Network

春分 Vernal equinox Iroha Meditation Schedule

Sonney Mizuho :
春分 Vernal equinox
"Iroha Lecture 112"
Important notice
The Spring Equinox of this year is approaching.
I would like to give thanks and prayers with you this day.
Please join us.
The date and time are as follows.
6:55 am on March 21, 2019
The place and how to pray is free.
I (Sonney) will play "Cosmic Sound" at home.
The performance is from 6:55 am to 7:55 am in Japan time.
"Cosmic Sound" is performed improvised by

 "Iroha Space Law" prescribed at that date and time.
I would like to give thanks and prayers for mother earth, 

to avoid the Earth's crisis.
For the date and time of the Spring Equinox except Japan, 

please refer to the following.
カリフォルニア California March 20st. 15pm

ニュヨーク New York March 20st. 18pm

ロンドン London March 20st. 22pm

パリ Paris March 20st. 23pm

Inner Earth, New Moon, 
God's Will for Earth.

Inner Earth, New Moon, God's Will for Earth.

Cosmic Sound® "Green Space"

The root of Hinomoto is "Iroha".

We Give Thanksgiving

At this time the Earth's magnetic field will be weakening more and more by the influence of the Sun.


At that time, the reversal of geomagnetism may happen.

To Mother Earth

Whatever the worst ending, we need human beings 

and a wide variety 

of lives to remain.
The Earth itself 

is the Noah's ark.

Join Us for Improvised Cosmic Sound® by Sonney

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We Update the Schedule for 

"Iroha" Meditation 

Every Full Moon,

Vernal Equinox, 

Summer Solstice,  

Autumnal Equinox, 

and Winter Solstice.

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東京都, Japan


Maitreya Buddha